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Economies of the Commons



Research, production and counseling on the sustainability of projects based on common goods.

Work area dedicated to the research, experimentation, counseling, mediation, production and distribution of information related to issues that concern the economical sustainability of commons’ projects, organization and/or institutions.

Through different activities, the area of Economies of the Commons observes and disseminates different emerging practices in alternative economies that seem to be facilitating the viability of communal practices and promoting the value of what is generated by and for the commons. Some of these practices are open crowdfunding, collaborative economy, cooperation, solidarity economy, social coin, ethical financing, Economy of the Common Good, formal and informal nets for exchange, P2P loans or micro-credits, among others.

Guest collaborations and projects

· – Education and distribution of open collective practices.

· OuiShare – Space for the education and common reflection on collaborative economy.

· Julio Gisbert - Innovative and Experimental Laboratory centered on social/complementary coins.

· Economy of the Common Good.


Coordinated by María G. Perulero. crowdfunding[at]

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