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Foodlab. Creating Sitopia

Relational space centered on food and its implications in current society and the local context of Madrid.

Foodlab is a relational project centered on cooking that brings together productiveness, pleasure and sharing. The way of doing and of relating to knowledge is closer, more inclusive.


It pursues the following goals:

· Practice a type of mediation that focuses on supporting local projects that reestablish our relationship with food.

· Become a real community kitchen put to the service of those who people it. 

· Create a friendly place among stoves where we can build a source for collaborative production that allows us to generate tools and strategies to rethink the sitopia of the food that nurtures and builds a city like Madrid.

· Hacking, producing and consuming our own food in a sustainable way, producing new strategies for collaborative consumption, fighting against the waste of food in large communities, etc.


Ongoing groups:

-Miel de Barrio. DIY Urban Bee-Keeping

-Cook it Yourself

-Community Brewery Madrid

-Madrid Urban Foraging


Coordinated by David Rodríguez. foodlab[at]

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