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Grupos de trabajo

Working groups composed of users who want to develop projects or carry out activities of all sorts meet at Medialab-Prado on a regular basis. Participation in these groups is open to the public and they give back to the community by documenting their processes, organising workshops and lectures, etc. The aim is to share the subject matter being developed so that the relevant processes can be reproduced anywhere, by any group. Each work group has its own independent organisation system (see Protocols for Use and Care of Facilities) and the frequency of their meetings varies based on their specific needs.
For these groups, interaction with other communities and users within Medialab-Prado is fundamental. In fact, the exchange of ideas and experiences within this interdisciplinary ecosystem is in part responsible for the rich fabric of the groups’ processes.

If you are considering organising a work group and including it in the Medialab-Prado programme, check the existing groups first to make sure that none of them are already pursuing a similar line of work. If there’s nothing that resembles your idea, submit a proposal here. If your idea is similar to the focus of an existing group, contact the group leader. Together you can determine the best way to integrate your proposal into the group that’s already been created. 


•  aulaBLOG. Teachers interested in improving the reality of classroom education [+info]

• Autofabricantes.Collective DIY construction of open-source artificial limbs [+info]

• Cacharreando:Workspace devoted to playing around with PCs and laptop computers, learning about hardware and software through hands-on group activities [+info]

• Certificación Social Participativa en el Sector Agroecológico. Group belonging to the Mercado Social de Madrid (Madrid Social Market), which aims to create a Participative System of Guarantees for the Agro-Ecology sector [+info]

• Ciudad Abierta: Open community of people and organisations that promote initiatives, projects and programmes relating to civic innovation, citizen empowerment and participative urban planning in Madrid and its surrounding area [+info]

• Clothes 'R' Us: Working group devoted to textile recycling, environmental sustainability, creativity and personal style [+info]

• Cocinando eBooks. Reflection on and playing around with the creation of eBooks using free tools [+info]

• Comunidad de Aprendizaje ULAB: Learning processes related to ‘Theory U’, aimed at action and social transformation through intervention [+info]

• Crianza y Asistencia Personal Infantil (CRIANAP). Mothers, fathers, individuals with functional diversity (disabilities), personal assistants and other education and social intervention professionals [+info]

• Cronicalab. Production of audiovisual chronicles to build a more accessible and diverse Medialab story [+info

•  Cuarto propio en Wikipedia.  Forum for meeting, reflection, learning and collaboration focused on helping to bridge the gender gap on Wikipedia [+info

•  Entre Maestros. People interested in Mathematics; more specifically, in learning and teaching them [+info

•  Ecómetro. Measuring ecology and sustainability indicators in construction [+info

 [Electroalmas] Discussion sessions with audiovisual projections to talk about the influence of sci-fi on the creation of artificial beings in the real world. [+info]  

•  Firefox OS Madrid. People interested in Open Technologies and Web Standards applied to this operating system. [+info]   

•  GEOINQUIETOS.  Informal meetings of people who share concerns, interests and experiences relating to geomatics, open-source software and geospatial technology [+info]  

•  GNOME Hispano. Forum for meetings between Spanish-speaking users and developers of this desktop environment [+info

• Grupo de investigación en fotografía, vídeo y nuevos medios. [+info

•  Grupo de trabajo Arte e Internet. On-site work group that runs parallel to the “Art and the Internet: the Net as a Research Arena for New Artistic Practices” MOOC taught by Juan Martín Prada. The group aims to offer a forum for face-to-face discussion based on the videos and texts in the course syllabus, to enable participants to comment on content, exchange ideas, share approaches and engage in debate [+info]

•  Grupo de usuarios R de Madrid. Forum where R programming tool users can meet and present topics of interest with applications for the tool [+info]

•  Hackity App. A civic application that enables us to reimagine the city and make its neighbourhoods the best possible place to live [+info]

•  Intersecciones. Conversation and debate on issues relating to deliberative democracy and its possibilities, based on readings [+info]

•  Live Code Lab.  Group devoted to experimentation with digital sound programming [+info

•  Mad4Hacking. Studying and innovating with BCI technology as an alternative to visual, audio and tactile interfaces [+info]

•  Mayores en juego (MeJ). Intergenerational digital learning community [+info

• Permasource. Work group and meeting forum for exploring, learning and sharing experiences involving agro-ecology, free technologies, playing around and self-sufficiency initiatives [+info]

• Periodismo de Datos (Data Journalism)– Work group and meeting forum where journalists, data visualisers and all professionals interested in this discipline can create synergies to improve the outcome of their research and reports. Once a year, during three days the Data Journalism Conferences are celebrated, professionals of diffetent journalism areas, computing and statistics gather around talks, conferences, worshops, round tables, debats an different sessions for the interchange of knowledge [+info]

•  Pikler. Participative learning experience devoted to Piklerian pedagogy, composed of Childhood Education professionals [+info

•  Px1NME Por un nuevo modelo energético.  Our aim is to have an impact on the way that energy is consumed and self-produced, on the disclosure of the current state of the energy sector in our country and on awareness-raising and the provision of alternatives to the current energy model, which is based on fossil fuels and nuclear power. We continually participate in actions both in Spain and Brussels to denounce governments’ regulatory permissiveness towards the electricity oligopoly [+info]

•  Streamlab.  Making various free audio and video streaming tools more accessible [+info

•  Teatro Foro. Understanding and discussing the functions of digital tools and their implications in individual and community life, through theatrical experimentation [+info]

•  Tejiendo Medialab. Meetings for the purpose of knitting together as a group and experimenting, including the recycling of materials [+info]

•  TimeLab. Prototyping and experimentation lab devoted to revitalising and improving time banks [+info]

• Open and horizontal audiovisual assembly platform which is part of the social media network, devoted to social communication via the website and social networks [+info]

•  Transterradas.  Investigation of the Spanish concept of people who are transterrada (people who are not displaced or uprooted but rather transplanted into a new culture), through and with audiovisual language, using the internet as a forum for display, interaction and storage [+info

•  Usuarios OVIM de Asistencia Personal. People with functional diversity who reflect on how to live independently with equal opportunities [+info]

•  Wikiesfera. Collaboration documentation using semantic wiki technology [+info]     

> Grupos inactivos*

• Arquitecturas de la cultura del mañana-mañana (The Architecture of the Culture of Tomorrow-Tomorrow)

• Cine + papel (Film + Paper)

• Género y Tecnología (Gender and Technology)

• Hacer Mundos: prácticas de mediación en la sociedad-red (World Building: Mediation Practices in the Network Society)

• Helloworld!

• Huésped. Telepresencia artística (Guest: Artistic Telepresence)

• Luz, espacio y percepción (Light, Space and Perception)

• Muerto y mil veces muerto: El largo camino desde el autor romántico al procomún (Dead and a Thousand Times Dead: The Long Path from the Romantic Author to the Commons Author)

• PlayLab: Laboratorio de experimentación con videojuegos (PlayLab: Video Game Experimentation Lab)

• Poéticas de la conectividad (The Poetics of Connectivity) 

• Textil Lab (Digital fabrication and Textils)

 MadFab (Mad Fabrication)

 Danzante (Dancing and technology)

 Civic Wise Madrid (Participation and city)

 Teatro Foro (Teather and critical digital education)

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