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Inside of an Air Quality Egg.


Platform for prototyping with low cost technologies, based on open code and free licenses, paying special attention to projects that involve citizen participation.

The Free Hardware workstation is thought as an open infrastructure for prototyping, its aim is to generate a breeding ground for innovation in the field of creative hardware.

The workstation offers a fixed and permanent space, where "doing" is a shared process and open projects are documented. It enables encounters between groups with different levels of commitment and specialization, and encourages feedback for the projects as well as their international projection. A series of virtual international meetings will be set up using free tools such as Skype.

With current projects already taking place, such as Air Quality Eggs, low cost devices that measure the quality of air in a collective manner and thanks to the contribution of people around the world.

There will be workshops and seminars within the frame of the workgroups. These encounters will be registered both on Medialab’s website and the platforms of the groups behind the activities.

During these activities there will be general meetings, concerning all the projects, debates on specific practices and the chance to hear an international expert via online videoconference.

Coordinatd by Sara Alvarellos hardwarelibre[at]

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