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Interactivos? is a research and production platform for the creative and educational uses of technology. Its main goal is to expand on the use of electronic and software tools for artists, designers and educators, thus contributing to the development of local communities of cultural producers in this field.

Interactivos? events are a hybrid between a production workshop, a seminar and a showcase. A space for reflection, research, and collaborative work is created, in which proposals selected by an international open call are developed, completed and displayed. The process is open to the public from beginning to end.

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>> Now: I?'15: Material Cultures in the Digital Age (December 2 to 16, 2015)

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26.07.2016, 27.07.2016 16:00h - 20:00h

Taller Puredata y Blender aplicados al mapping de pequeño formato de Raimon Guarro i Nogués

Puredata y Blender

Taller inicial de seis sesiones dirigido a personas que quieran aprender o profundizar en la técnica del mapping. Es también una oportunidad para conocer el trabajo de Raimon Guarro i Nogues y colaborar en el proyecto que va a desarrollar durante su estancia en Medialab-Prado.

27.07.2016, 29.07.2016, 30.07.2016 18:00h

Talleres vinculados al proyecto Biofilia urbana de Vanessa Lorenzo

Estos talleres están vinculados al programa de Residencias Interactivos''16 Mundos posibles: usos creativos y colaborativos de las tecnologías digitales, en colaboración con la Fundación Banco Sabadell.

Los talleres son gratuitos, pero el número de plazas es limitado y es necesario enviar un formulario de inscripción

28.07.2016, 29.07.2016 17:30h - 20:30h

Choreo-Graphic Coding. Rehearsal Series by Joana Chicau

In every rehearsal a selection of topics will be addressed and will serve as starting point to the construction of a choreographic code. During the rehearsals, the participants will be presented to various choreographic references, examples of scores and scripts, and participate in basic movement studies.

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