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I + paper


I + Paper is innovation with and through paper.


We intend to offer different resources to people through the manipulation of paper, as one of the simplest and primitive forms of free digital culture.

A lab where you can develop and experience real projects that imply advanced paper engineering, origami, kirigami, cut-outs, pop-ups, pleats, knots and other techniques – from the West and East – of manufacturing and transforming.

At I + Paper you can experiment with deep space comprehension and, at the same time, develop your fine digital skills, visual thinking and perception working with the right side of the brain.

Directed by the artist Origlam and formed by a stable community of experts on paper from all around the world and related to the fields of cinema, architecture, publicity, graphic design, fashion, photography, biology, law, education, music; I + Paper explores the vast area formed by the intersections of paper with the key challenges of contemporary free digital culture.

From the sustainability of our material culture to environmental entrepreneurship, from therapies and social inclusion practices to issues related to intellectual property in the world of prototypes, we invite people from any field and any walk of life to learn a new model of the world based on free games and collaboration with I + Paper. 


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