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The Commons Lab aims to structure a discourse and a series of actions and activities related to this concept. "Procomún" (Commons) is a new term that seeks to express a very old idea: that some assets belong to everyone and together they form a community of resources that should be actively protected and managed. That community consists of the things we inherit or create jointly and hope to leave to future generations. The Commons includes natural resources such as air, water, oceans, wildlife and deserts, as well as the Internet, radio-electric space, numbers, and medication. It also includes many social creations: libraries, parks, public spaces, scientific research, creative works, and the public knowledge we have accumulated over centuries.

The Commons Lab brings together people from various fields including philosophy, ecology, hacktivism, law, urban planning, art, journalism and economic policy. The first stage was carried out between June 2007 and February 2008, with conclusions written up by Antonio Lafuente in Laboratorio sin muros (Laboratory Without Walls). Afterward, several work groups were formed that meet periodically and work online to debate and plan actions that help to raise awareness about the value of various aspects of “the commons” and the dangers that threaten them.

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Commons Lab in Rosario (Argentina)


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26.11.2014 18:30h

A coffee with Primavera de Filippi: ETHEREUM ¿Freenet or Skynet?

imagen Filippi

Is Ethereum the precursor of a truly free and decentralised Internet or of an inhumane nightmare like Skynet?

Presents: Guerrilla Translation

01.12.2014 - 05.12.2014 16:00h - 20:00h

Workshop for the development of ideas of the Metabody Group - Commons Body

Open code space - Interactive/Intra-active architecture

This 5-day workshop, within the frame of the European project Metabody, aims at the development of ideas of interactive/intra-active architecture: an architecture which transforms physically in all its aspects through the movement of the participants and theior surrounding.

The workshop proposes a redefinition of space as a dynamic reality, not static, nor merely functional, and at the same time gives an alternative to the modern interactive architecture, which tends to the production of environments of control, where research is focused on the foreseeing or predicting of behaviors within the frame of functional surroundings.

Open workshop after registrstion with this form until November 23rd.
Tour y performance los días 4 y 5 a las 19:00h.

Coordinated by Jaime del Val and Reverso

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