Medialab Prado


Abelardo Gil-Fournier

Artist and educator. His work is settled around the crossings between the abstraction of systems and the specificness of social and cultural objects. His projects are elaborated as platforms -installations, devices, tools, games and workshops- that mimic open laboratories where to erode, distort and transform standard production processes.

Some of his work has been developed in artist residencies in Laboral Center of Art (Gijón) and the spanish broadcast television Canal+, or as commissions of institutions such as Intermediae in Madrid, CROMAFest in Mexico DF or the open hardware company Ultra-lab. Some of his projects have been shown in international collective exhibitions and festivals (US, France, Sweden, Spain) and reviewed in mainstream blogs (BoingBoing, wmmna). He has taught workshops on creative coding and game design in several countries (Spain, France, Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador).  Additionally, he collaborates continuously with other artists or collectives, such as Maria Andueza, Raúl Alaejos, Daniel García Andújar or Culturambiente.

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