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Andoni Alonso


Andoni Alonso (Vitoria, 1966) holds a degree in Philosophy from the Universidad de Navarra,and a Ph.D cum laude from the Universidad del País Vasco (1995), his thesis titled Wittgenstein and Modern Art. Currently he is a professor at the Universidad de Extremadura (UEx). His work La quinta columna digital: anti-tratado comunal de hiperpolítica won the V Premio de Ensayo Eusebi Colomer given by the Fundación Epson.

His publications include La Nueva Ciudad de Dios (2002); Carta al Homo Ciberneticus(2003), both co-authored with Iñaki Arzoz. He has written articles about philosophy, cyber culture, architecture, and art in numerous journals including Aymon, Arbor, Philosophy and Technology (published by Stanford University) and Transversal. Alonso has also been a correspondent for BITNIKS magazine and a columnist for its electronic version.

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