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Carolina García Cataño


    Carolina García Cataño is one of the founders of Dabne, a free software cooperative, focused on web development, IT consultancy and training, especially orientated to cultural institutions, NGOs and associations. During the last years she has been involved in the analysis and development of digital archives and digital library projects.

    She is part of the Spanish free software community where she has actively participated since 2001 in the hacklabs and hackmeetings.

    During 2011, and due to the protests taking place all over the world, she has been commited to the tech teams of tomalaplaza and takethesquare related to the 15M movement in Spain and she has facilitated the international tech coordination. Currently, she is taking part in the project The Global Square which goal is to establish a protocol of communication between different kinds of software (CMS, social networks, etc) in order to improve communication and making decisions process at a global level.

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