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David Cuartielles

1974, Zaragoza (Spain). MSc. in Telecommunications Engineering. In 2000 he developed The Wake Interactive, a project consisting of a web version to Finnegans' Wake - the clasic by James Joyce- wich brought him to K3, the School of Arts and Communication located in Malmö, Sweden. Since August 2002 he also became a PhD Student and researcher dealing with the boundaries between Interaction Design and Art. His academic work focuses in analyzing embodiment, indoor location systems and technologies for real time performances. His artistic work, mainly low-fi interventions parodying his own field of research, brought him to the 8th Istanbul International Biennale in 2003, and to the 3rd Berlin Biennale during 2004. David is the founder of several initiatives: the Critical Design group Aeswad - active since 2002, the community - online since the summer 2002, the Digital Arts Collective Desearch and Revelopment - active since August 2003, the Experiments in Art and Technology SWEden/DENmark group - active since September 2003, and the media server Goldiaq - online since December 2004. He has developed the Arduino board (an open hardware tool) together with Massimo Banzi.


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