Medialab Prado


David Rodríguez (AKA Tina Paterson)

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"My work has been focused on collective creation projects and in creating autonomous networks and communities, from neighbourhood protests to social movements and such.

Mainly I helped out to set up projects such as La Fiambrera Obrera,, YOMANGO, Bordergames, Pornolab, Unbarriofeliz, El Mejor Partido, ComidaBasura, El Invernadero, PropolisColmena, among others. I was in the beginning of La Tabacalera de Lavapiés and there I organized a neighbourhood dance called La Flor de Lavapiés and I had the chance to study and research the memory of that place with the Cigarreras (cigar makers).

At the Medialab I organized HelloWorld! stage creation and new technologies workshops and a cooking and science group called Cook it yourself!, the root of a future Foodlab at the Serrería Belga.

Currently I work as a Mediator at Medialab-Prado, coordinating the Foodlab and Hacer Barrio work stations. Also I am one of the founders of the MakespaceMadrid and the community home-made beer project Community Brewery."

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