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Frauke Schulz-Utermöhl

Frauke Schulz-Utermöhl, 68 years of age, holds a degree in Pedagogy from the University of Hamburg. She is a professor. For over twenty years, she headed the Delegation of the Goethe-Institut, the German Cultural Institute in San Sebastián (Spain) until 2008. Since its beginning in 1987, she worked on Gernika Gogoratuz, the Centre Peace Research and Conflict Transformation, at its venue in San Sebastián, as the Head of Training, Education and Entertainment. Since autumn 2011, she has participated in the Commons Lab and Medialab-Prado to continue with the idea of taking the “Memory and the Commons” workshop from Madrid to a workshop in Euskadi and the framework of the “Peace Forum” in San Sebastián-Donostia as the 2016 European Cultural Capital.

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