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Ida Hiršenfelder


    Ida Hiršenfelder is an art critic and author who studied Sinology, and for a time, lived and studied in Beijing. Since 2007 she is preoccupied with building a material and on-line archive of video art DIVA Station at SCCA, Centre for Contemporary Arts-Ljubljana. Henceforward, archives and their disappearance – the digital life and the digital afterlife – became her predominant interest. She collaborates with Ljudmila – Ljubljana Digital Media Lab as an artistic advisor, and with Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Arts, Ljubljana as a text writer. For years, she publishes on media art, contemporary art and feminism at an alternative radio station Radio Student, Dnevnik Daily, Art Worlds Magazine, Maska Magazine, she blogged at HAIP Festival [hack/act/interact/progress], and published texts in numerous exhibition catalogues. She often conducts round-tables and public discussions; but essentially she remains a radio person – recording immersive sounds and strange conversations at any given chance. Lately, she solders small electronic noise gadgets with Theremidi Orchestra, driven by the love for machines, electronics and devices
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