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James Phelan


    James’ musical journey started after getting his first guitar aged 12. His story reads of a typical musician, starting a heavy rock band with his mates whilst in his early teens.

    After leaving school his love of music became more of an obsession and he chose to study music / music technology at college. During this time the band he was playing with were touring the UK and Germany which gave him a good understanding of how life on the road was.

    James then developed a stronger interest in recording and production and secured some work assisting is various recording studios. This work progressed and he stated to work as a freelance studio technician / engineer, securing his own clients.

    As his love of electronic music grew, James decided to explore the possibilities of using new technology, to produce his own electronic music. The results of this were a mix of drum n bass, grime, dubstep and down tempo beats. Around 2002/03 his own productions started to become noticed in the electronic music scene which led to worldwide exposure on dance floors and radio stations including ‘BBC 1Xtra, Rinse FM (UK), and Triple J, FBI Radio (Australia). His own productions have been released on an array of labels worldwide and he has DJ ‘d at events across the UK, Italy and Australia.

    Like most artists, earning a living from music was tough so James started composing music for corporate environments, including remixing, composing music for TV, Radio and various art installations. He also started teaching music technology at various institutions in the UK.

    He is currently running his own business (Jamp Musik) which includes working as a freelance musician, composer, producer, studio engineer and teacher.  Most recently he has started delivering private music workshops, including ‘The Composers Hub’ which he has brought here to Madrid.

    He continues to write bass heavy electronic music with some releases scheduled later this year. James has also recently launched a new singer songwriter project to showcase the acoustic songs he has been writing over the last two years. He is also performing these live at events in the UK & Europe. (Electronic Project) (Singer Songwriter Project) (Playing bass a live improvisation band in based in the UK)

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