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José Luis de Vicente

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Independent exhibit curator. Since 2001 he has been the Deputy Director for ArtFutura, Spain’s leading art and technology festival. He has curated projects including the "8X8" exhibit on abstraction and videogames (CCCB, 2002), retrospectives of the work of Chris Cunningham (Sevilla CAAC, 2000) and Tomato (CCCB, 2001), and symposia on "Augmented Reality", "Living Objects, Sensitive Spaces" and “Aesthetics of Data” (Mercat de les Flors, 2004-2006), among many others. At ArtFutura, he also participates in the organization of RES-FEST, the global digital cinema festival held annually in over 20 countries.

Since 2004, he has taken part in the Art Direction of OFFF, the software and visual communication festival (2004, Valencia; 2005-06-07 CCCB, Barcelona), and he is the curator of its exhibits section. Currently he is a member of the planning board for Sónar, where he curated "Processing", a selection of software pieces (2004), as well as the following exhibits: "Sonarmática 2005: Randonée", "Sonarmática 2006:Always On", and “Sonarmática 2007” (in preparation) (Barcelona,CCCB).

He was the editor of, the Web reference community in Spanish for free software, and he is one of the people in charge of, one of the most-read weblogs in Spanish about digital culture. As part of Elastico, in conjunction with Oscar Abril Ascaso, he curated the project COPY-FIGHT (CCCB - Centre d’Art Santa Monica, 2005/06), a series of activities in multiple formats (symposia, exhibits, on-line and printed publications) about the crisis in current models of intellectual property and the emergence of free culture.

Other projects he has curated include Creauts: new territories in avant-garde design (CCCB, 2002), and the recent Reclaim the Spec-trum (Seville, CaS, within Festival Zemos98), on policies for managing radio-electrical space.

He has been a contributor on culture and technology for the national newspaper El Mundo, writing regularly for the daily Internet information section and supplements on technology, culture, and trends. Currently he writes occasionally for specialized publications. Since 2003, he has taught classes on interaction design and the history and theory of new media at centres including the Escuela de Diseño Elisava de Barcelona.

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