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José Luis Brea

Ph.D. Professor of Aesthetics and Theory of Contemporary Art at the Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, he is the editor of Estudios Visuales Magazine and was the Director of the I International Symposium on Visual Studies, taking place in Madrid, ARCO, feb 04. Formerly Dean of the Fine Arts Academy of Cuenca, Director of Exhibitions for the Ministry of Culture and visual arts curator of the Spanish Pavilion at Expo92. He has been founder editor of aleph, arts.zin and Acción Paralela. As a free lance art critic, he is a regular contributor to spanish and international art magazines -Frieze, Flash Art or Parkett among them. Spanish correspondant for ARTFORUM and regional editor for Rhizome. He is a member of Telefonica Art Collection Comittee. He has organized exhibitions as independent curator and published several books. 

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