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Karla Brunet

Karla Schuch Brunet (Santa Maria, RS, 1972) is an artist and researcher, PhD in Audivisual Communication (UPF, España), teacher of Visual Arts and Photography (MFA, Academy of Art University, EUA) and specialist in Electronic Arts Criticism (Mecad, España). She has organized and developed projects about visual arts and internet, and also taught at São Paulo and El Salvador universities. Between 2007 and 2009 she has participated in a post-doctorate research in Ciberculture in Pós-com/UFBA. Also, she has participated in a variety of art exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. Nowadays she is a teacher at IHAC (Instituto de Humanidades, Artes y Ciencias) and  Post-Culture at UFBA, where she developes projects where art, science and technology intersect.

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