Medialab Prado


Margarita Padilla

A computer engineer and former director of the Mundo Linux journal, she belongs to the small minority of women who are able to create and maintain systems. She learned about GNU/Linux and the social and political uses of new technologies at squatter social centres— it’s not something they teach at university.  Along with other hackers, she founded She has broadcast radio over the Internet via Radiopwd, created by a women’s group at the hacklab in Lavapiés (Madrid), and has published various articles about political action and new communication technologies, including "Agujeros negros en la red" (Black Holes on the Web), in the Archipiélago journal; "Penélope, tejiendo y destejiendo la red" (Penelope: Weaving and Unweaving the Net), in the book Ciberguerrilla de la comunicación (Communication Cyberguerrilla), published by Virus, and others available on the Internet. Currently, she works at Dabne, the workers’ cooperative company (cooperativa de trabajo asociado) founded by women and engaged in the development of Web applications for free software, although she likes to say that her work consists of “making Internet”.

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