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Nicolas Kayser-Bril


    Nicolas Kayser-Bril, 27, is CEO and co-founder of Journalism++, a company that brings web technologies in journalistic workflows. Before founding Journalism++ in late 2011, Nicolas was in charge of datajournalism at OWNI, where he led several experiments in crowdsourced data gathering. A self-taught programmer and journalist, Nicolas holds a degree in Media Economics.
    He is regularly invited to international conferences and events to evangelize about data-driven journalism. He was a speaker at Strata in London, Re:Publica in Berlin, the World News Summit in Paris or the World Press Freedom Day in Washington, DC. He also trains journalists to data science and datajournalism. He led workshops and trainings in France, Belgium, Bosnia, Senegal and Tunisia.
    You can follow him on Twitter @nicolaskb and on Facebook.

    Pierre  Romera is CTO and co-founder of Journalism++, a European datajournalism company. Until 2011, he was in charge of online apps at, where he worked for Wikileaks and other major media outlets.
    A 23-year-old web developer,  Pierre Romera is a specialist of the interactions between journalism and computer science. After having been responsible of the web applications at, he co-founded Journalism++. Pierre is a professor at Sciences Po, where he teaches computer science to journalists. He is also a trainer for professional journalists. He specialized in data-journalism and computer security issues applied to journalism.
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