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Sara Alvarellos

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With a degree in Architecture from ETSA in Madrid, her work takes place at the intersection of technology, emerging architecture, DIWO and urban hacking. She is part of a research network on Contemporary Production and The Internet of Things in the context of Masterdiwo_Alicante; she also collaborates with complexitys and oblomobka. She has participated in numerous initiatives within the scope of Medialab-Prado, including the international workshop Visualizar'11: Comprender las infrastructuras (Understanding Infrastructures), where she collaborated on the project MercaMadrid: Una topología visual de las redes de alimentos en la ciudad de Madrid (A visual topology of the food network in the city of Madrid);  and the taller BigGames (BigGames workshop) on developing interactive games for urban screens.
Currently she is actively promoting the materialization of the project Data Citizen Driven City, with César García within the framework of Viernes Openlab (Friday Openlabs). She also coordinates events about The Internet of Things Internet de las Cosas and Persons in the area of Madrid, in connection with other cities such as Amsterdam, London and New York.
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