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Teresa Dillon


    Teresa Dillon is an artist, curator and educator. Thematically her work explores human-enviroment relationships with a focus on survival and interdependency. Trained in theatre and psychology, co-creating artistic, educational and social interventions is her passion. Her work mainly takes form as live performance, public art, educational research and software development.  Alongside her arts practice she has worked in academia (Strathclyde University, Bristol University, Cambridge University, UK, Trinity College, IRL) and the public sector (Nesta, Futurelab & BBC, UK; NDRC, IRL). Since 2003 she has been involved in digital product development  and mentoring. Within this capacity she has lead on various open source and open data projects, with emphasis on social enterprise and emerging tech sectors. Her work has toured internationally, she holds a PhD (The Open University, 2006) and she has published on creativity, music technology, educational design and open source frameworks for learning. She is currently curating Hack-the-City for the Science Gallery Dublin.

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