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Tim Redfern


    Tim Redfern is a developer, visual artist and designer based in Dublin whose practice encompasses digital media, programming and electronics. Over the last twenty years, Tim has collaborated with Ireland's leading contemporary and avant-garde musicians, dancers and theatre makers creating bespoke generative music video and visuals for live performance. His work also focuses on creating large-scale interactive video and lighting projects such as simpleText (2004), someTime (2006), Kosmoscope (2007) Playhouse (2009), which turned Dublin's icon Liberty Hall into a giant canvas and most recently Make a bigger splash (2011), a permanent animated neon lighting installation for Mayo County Council. Tim is currently working with Adaptics, a startup company formed to develop 'hardware apps', hardware-software accessories for mobile computing devices and he also develops creative digital solutions for commercial marketing and advertising projects. Tim holds a degree in graphic design and has taught electronics and programming at various colleges, universities and workshops in Dublin.

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